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Welcome to Millar Western’s Whitecourt Pulp Division

At Millar Western, safety is a priority.  All visitors are required to complete a safety orientation prior to arrival.  If you are a contractor, please select the Contractor Safety Orientation in the sidebar menu.  All others are to complete the Visitor Safety Orientation.

Please be aware that additional health and safety measures have been implemented due to COVID-19.  Before entering our mill site, we ask all visitors to complete a health assessment form, to ensure they are healthy.  If you exhibit any sign of illness, we ask that you please stay home and notify your supervisor and/or Millar Western contact.  You are advised to visit the Alberta Health website, complete their online health assessment tool, and follow the directions given.

Once on site, we require all visitors to wear a mask, for your protection and that of our employees.

You are furthermore asked to observe all other preventative measures while on our premises, including physical distancing, wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), sneezing into arms, and frequent and vigorous hand sanitization.  If you are unsure of safety expectations, please contact the supervisor in charge of the worksite.

We thank you for your commitment to health and safety.  Have a good day, and stay safe.