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Our Commitment

Millar Western operates on traditional territories of First Nations and Métis people whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries.  We recognize the important opportunity that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples provides to further advance relations, engagement, and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.  In the spirit of community building, and in acknowledgement of the important responsibilities Millar Western holds for reconciliation, we commit to:


Our Guiding Principles

Foster Productive, Long-Term Relationships:  Millar Western will work with Indigenous communities to develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships built on the foundation of trust and understanding.

Invest in Community Building:  Millar Western will support programs that promote knowledge and skills acquisition and that help young Indigenous people build strong foundations for future success. In addition to those focused on improving opportunities for youth, we will provide support to a broad range of cultural and community initiatives.

Create a More Inclusive Workplace:  Millar Western will continue to implement policies and initiatives aimed at creating a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive environment for all employees.  We will work to enhance the participation of Indigenous people in our workforce by consulting with Indigenous communities to identify and address employment and contracting barriers.