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Millar Western engages with the many Indigenous communities on whose traditional territories we operate.  One of our oldest and closest partnerships is with the people of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, with whom we have developed agreements and initiatives to help us build toward more effective consultation, capacity building and community investment.

Environmental Co-Stewardship Committee:  In 2004, Millar Western signed a Forestry and Economic Development Agreement (FEDA) with the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. A key feature of the Alexis/Millar Western FEDA was the creation of the Environmental Co-Stewardship Committee, established to foster ongoing dialogue on issues including land use and forest management; and to provide training, contracting and employment opportunities.

Alexis/Millar Western Scholarships:  Under the Alexis/Millar Western Scholarship program, we offer six $1,000 scholarships per year, granting a total of $95,000 to date. Students are selected by a committee of Alexis and Millar Western representatives, on the basis of  academic commitment, contributions to their community and plans for personal and career development. Award recipients for 2021 were Skyler Potts-Alexis, Alvin Harris, Margaretta Potts-Petawaysin, Matthew Potts, Montana Kootenay, and Olivia Pawlick-Potts.

Community Investments: Millar Western provides financial and in-kind support to a projects of importance to the nation, ranging from donations toward the hosting of key community events such as annual powwows to lumber for initiatives that have created housing for Elders and others in need while helping local young people gain carpentry and other career skills.