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Millar Western high-yield pulps are an environmentally responsible choice:

  •  We use hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent, making our process totally chlorine free.
  •  We continuously enhance our processes to reduce our environmental footprint: in the past 15 years, we’ve cut our power consumption and GHG emissions by 40% and our water use by 20%.
  •  Our advanced environmental control technologies are reflected in an outstanding record of regulatory compliance.
  •  Our process yields up to twice as much pulp per tree as kraft methods and consumes less water.
  •  The fibre we use to make our pulp is legally sourced from forests managed with care.
  •  Softwood grades use spruce-pine-fir (SPF) wood chips generated as a byproduct of lumber production.
  • Hardwood grades are made from aspen, an abundant, fast-growing tree species.
  •  All fibre is: