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Update:  April 11, 2019
Millar Western has now concluded its harvesting and reclamation activities in the Groat Creek compartment.  Log-haul operations are also essentially complete, with the exception of a few loads of decked birch that will be moved when road conditions permit.  In accordance with permit conditions, Millar Western will return to the harvested areas within two years to begin the required forest renewal activities, to ensure the re-establishment of healthy stands. For details, please contact our Forestry Superintendent, Tim McCready, at

Update: February 28, 2019
Millar Western wishes to advise that harvesting and log hauling operations in the Hard Luck Canyon compartment have concluded. Some equipment will remain on site, to complete reclamation work. Forest renewal efforts, including seedling planting, will commence within two years, with forest growth to be monitored until government renewal standards are met. Millar Western wishes to thank area residents for their patience and cooperation, which allowed contractors to complete their work efficiently and safely. Millar Western has been in regular contact with Northern Gateway School Division, which operates school buses on the log hauling route. Northern Gateway reported no issues as a result of the increased log-haul traffic and thanked Millar Western for its commitment to safety. Operations in the Groat Creek Compartment will continue until the end of March.

Update: January 17, 2019
Millar Western today began log-hauling operations from the Hard Luck Canyon compartment in the White Area, to our Whitecourt mill site and Athabasca Hills Satellite Yard, west of Whitecourt. A map of haul routes is available here. In response to concerns raised about school bus safety during the public consultations associated with our White Area permit application, Millar Western met with representatives of the Northern Gateway Public Schools, which also handles busing for Living Waters Catholic Schools, to discuss log-haul routes and Millar Western’s log-haul safety program. As a result, the school district indicated that it would implement extra safety measures, such as ensuring bus strobe lights are used at all times. Northern Gateway and Millar Western will reconvene two weeks into the log haul, to discuss any issues based on operator feedback. Millar Western will work with Northern Gateway throughout active operations, which are expected to conclude in March 2019, to ensure safe student passage. Millar Western wishes to underscore with the public that safety is a core corporate value and priority. All employees and contractors are required to follow safe work practices as a condition of employment. Drivers working for Millar Western undergo a rigorous safety orientation and training in defensive driving. As well as equipping most vehicles with GPS monitors, we conduct regular inspections and other oversight activities, including a radar patrol. Anyone who observes unsafe operation of log-haul vehicles is asked to contact to, providing as much information as possible, including the license plate or truck identification number, if available, and the time and nature of the infraction. Millar Western will also re-launch its traffic safety campaign over the coming weeks, reminding all drivers to exercise caution around log-haul trucks.

Update:  December 18, 2018
As previously announced, Millar Western commenced its harvesting operations in the White Area in early December 2018.  Log-hauling is set to start in early January 2019 and is expected to continue through to March 2019.  Trucks will be operating seven days a week.   Click here for a map of log haul routes.   The safety of all road users is a top priority, so Millar Western is working with the Northern Gateway Public Schools to ensure safe school-bus passage on haul routes during the harvest season.  Please contact us should you need additional information or have any questions.

Update:  November 14, 2018
On December 15, 2017, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry awarded Millar Western two timber permits: CTPW510164 and CTPW510165.  The permits, which expire April 30, 2019, allow our company to harvest hardwood and softwood timber in the White Area, WO1, specifically in  portions of Townships 57 and 58, Range 13, West of the 5th Meridian.  During public consultations, these areas were referred to as the Hardluck Canyon and Groat Creek (East) compartments.  Due to the timing of permit issuance, Millar Western could not complete required field work (i.e., creek identification, block layout, historical resource assessment) in time to begin harvesting during the 2017-18 winter season, as originally planned.  Therefore, operations were deferred to 2018-19.  Harvesting in WO1 and log hauling to our Whitecourt operations are now scheduled to start December 2018 and will be completed within the permit timeframe.  For more more information about planned locations of operations, please see the Groat Creek Compartment and Hardluck Canyon Compartment maps.

For more information, please contact:
Bob Mason, Chief Forester
Phone:  780-486-8241