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Spring road ban lifted on Millar Western roads

As of Monday, June 7, 2021, Millar Western has lifted the Spring Road Ban that has been in effect since April 1st of this year on all roads held or owned by the company.

Please be advised that, even with the ban lifted, roads are to be used under DRY or FROZEN conditions only.  Road users are also reminded that valid road use agreement(s) must be in place prior to using Millar Western roads. To verify the status of your road use agreement(s), please contact Gillian at 780-778-2221, ext. 2180 or

Please refer to the following table to assist in determining what type of agreement you must have in place or may need to request, prior to using the roads.

Short-Term Road Use Use of MWFP DLO(s) for the purpose of heavy-vehicle (over 3-ton), short-term use, such as use by drilling/service rigs, water/cement/vacuum trucks, pickers, or for construction equipment moves.
Long-Term Road Use Use of MWFP DLO(s) for the purpose of ongoing site maintenance throughout the year. Intended for light-vehicle (under 3-ton) use such as pick up access to sites connected to a pipeline, or heavy-vehicle (over 3-ton) use for sites that require regular fluid removal or are not connected to a pipeline, or servicing of major pipelines or power lines.
Special Conditions Use of MWFP DLO(s) that does not fall into the above categories, such as EMERGENCY access during unfavorable road conditions or  road ban periods