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Spring road ban in effect on Millar Western roads

Each year during the spring thaw, Millar Western restricts road use to protect road integrity and driver safety. Starting 10:00 am on Friday April 13, 2018, a full spring road ban will take effect on all roads held or owned by Millar Western.  This restriction applies to all commercial vehicles over 1 ton.

Commercial road users are reminded that valid road use agreements must be in place prior to using Millar Western roads, in all seasons. During the spring road ban, commercial vehicles will not be permitted on Millar Western roads for any reason, without a Special Conditions Road Use Agreement. To verify the status of road use agreements, please contact 780-778-2221 ext. 2163 or

To help determine the type of agreement you must have in place or will need to request prior to using Millar Western roads, please check the following: