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Millar Western’s Fire Response Crew wraps up a busy season

The 2003 fire season in the Whitecourt Wildfire Management area has been successful thus far. With 62 fires burning only 39.27 hectares, the commitment of government, industry and the public to the prevention and suppression of wildfires has been exceptional. With a mean fire size of one half hectare, losses were kept to a minimum.

The Millar Western Helitack crew has been actively suppressing wildfires in and around our interests for six years. This year has been no different, with eight fires actioned and extinguished. Since the crew’s inception in 1998, over 45 wildfires have been detected, actioned and extinguished. Often working independently, Millar Helitack aslo joins forces with the specially-trained government fire crews to contain fires. Fire suppression tactics, communication and training are identical for government and industry crews, ensuring fluid incident response and effective results.

On a prevention note, the fall fire season typically sees fire hazards increasing once again as vegetation starts to cure and leaves drop. Seasonal winds also pick up again and precipitation tapers off. With the onset of hunting season, extra caution is asked of all hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Precautions with campfires, cigarettes, ATV exhaust and other combustibles are necessary to ensure continued success in fire prevention. Have an enjoyable fall and thanks for helping keep our forests green.