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Millar Western supports forestry students, in tree-planting blitz

Before the plant: bright, shiny faces!
2,700 seedlings later: fewer and grimier, but still smiling!


Millar Western woodlands staff recently enjoyed a warm, summer’s day helping forestry students raise funds while practicing forest renewal.

On July 15, an intrepid group of forestry students braved hot sun and tall grass to plant some 2,700 seedlings in a single day, raising funds for their programs while helping restore a logging road.  The students, volunteers from the U of A and NAIT forestry programs, were helped by foresters from Millar Western and West Fraser-Blue Ridge Lumber.  Millar Western supplied the seedlings, and, together with the Canadian Institute of Forestry, Alberta Newsprint Company and Blue Ridge Lumber, donated a per-seedling planting fee to help fund conference travel and other extracurricular educational opportunities for the students.

This is the fifth year Millar Western has helped organize the tree-planting blitz. The event not only serves as a student fundraiser, but helps remind all that forestry is a renewable resource, with forest companies planting many millions of trees in Alberta each year as part of sustainable forest management.