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Helping young students learn about forest renewal — by planting 2000 trees in 1 day!

A whole bunch of Millar Western people got up to some hard-working fun recently, helping more than 200 Grade 4 students, teachers and parents from Whitecourt Central School and École St Joseph School in Whitecourt take part in this year’s Great Big Tree-Plant and Field Day at Huestis Demonstration Forest, near Whitecourt.

Thanks to all the young forest stewards who came out to learn about forest renewal and management. They did some hands-on learning about tree planting, forest measurement, fire safety, camping skills and trapping knowledge, as well as enjoying tree crafts, relay races and a BBQ.  And, in a single day, they helped plant some 2000 tree seedlings! Thanks, too, to all our colleagues in the HDF Partnership — it takes a big team to help kids get a taste of all there is to learn and love about Alberta’s forests!

Huestis Demonstration Forest is an outdoor education area providing great opportunities for learning, exploring and day-use recreation. It’s located in Millar Western’s Forest Management Agreement area, and co-managed by the HDF Partnership — government, educators, community stakeholders and forest companies Millar Western, Alberta Newsprint Company and West Fraser-Blue Ridge Lumber.  As well as offering education programs for school groups, Huestis is open to the public during summer months, for self-guided tours – come take a walk or a drive through the forest!