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Gearing up for the 2021 wildfire season

Alberta’s wildfire season runs March 1 to October 31, which means it’s time to think about wildfire safety. The hazard is highest in the spring, when snow disappears and trees and grass have low moisture content. Most spring wildfires are caused by human activity and are preventable. Human-caused wildfires are often started by an out-of-control campfire or spark from an off-highway vehicle, with dry grass, twigs, leaves and branches providing fuel.
Check here, for more information on how to reduce risks associated with these activities.
During wildfire season, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry puts firefighters, equipment, and aircraft in place across the province’s forest areas. Millar Western’s Woodlands team works in close cooperation with AAF, and independently, to ensure effective wildfire response. We maintain our own Helitack Crew to action ignitions in and near our operating areas. This year’s helitack team, Rithik Mohammed and John Slobodian, along with Forest Protection Coordinator Mike Hudson, will be working hard to make sure any wildfires in our forest areas are extinguished or controlled as quickly as possible. Thanks to Rithik, John, Mike and the Woodlands team, for helping protect our forest resources and communities!