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Do you #LoveABForests?

Have you seen our industry’s Love Alberta Forests campaign, popping up on computer, phone, TV and cinema screens, and on radio ads and billboards around the province?

Last week, Millar Western office got in on the action, inviting our friends and partners at Ducks Unlimited to join us for a photo at one of the campaign billboards in Edmonton.

Led by the AFPA and supported by companies like Millar Western, the campaign was launched for one reason:  Most Albertans don’t know much about forestry, and that’s holding them back from supporting it. We want to show them that Alberta’s forests are an amazing resource – one that’s thoughtfully managed, sustainable and worth celebrating.

The Love Alberta Forests campaign is all about sharing the commitment that goes into our forestry practices:

You can be part of the conversation:  Snap a picture with a tree or one of the campaign logos or billboards, and post it on social media with the hashtag #LoveABForests, sharing what you love about our company, industry and forests…

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