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At our mill operations, we have conducted internal R&D projects and have worked closely with Alberta Innovates, FPInnovations, the Universities of Alberta and British Columbia and other institutions on a variety of research initiatives.  The outcomes have included:

  • Green energy generation:  In our Bioenergy Effluent Project, we are implementing innovative anaerobic hybrid digester technology to convert organics in pulp mill effluent into renewable energy, displacing fossil fuel-derived heat and power in mill processes.  As part of this initiative, we have partnered with Alberta Innovates to investigate chemical oxygen demand removal, hydrogen sulfide production, methane formation, micronutrient management, sulfur inhibition, resin acid toxicity and other topics associated with bioenergy generation and effluent treatment. Read more about the BEP here. 
WctPulp-BEP-December 2015-3
BEP under construction: soon, we’ll be generating renewable energy from pulp mill waste!