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Nojack CTP – Q & A

What is a Commercial Timber Permit (ctp)?

A CTP allows the holder, usually a forest products company, to harvest specified timber volumes in designated areas of Crown land. A CTP can be granted directly by the government or via auction.

how much timber will millar western be harvesting in the nojack area?

The Government of Alberta has advised that it is prepared to grant Millar Western a CTP to harvest and haul 100,000 m3 of aspen and conifer timber.

where will the timber be harvested?

The timber will be harvested on Crown land near Nojack (WO1), south of Mackay and along Hwy. 751.  Logs will be transported from the harvest areas to Hwy. 751, then north to Millar Western’s manufacturing facilities in Whitecourt. The proposed harvest areas and haul routes are shown on this map.

when will harvesting take place?

The current plan is to conduct timber harvesting and hauling between November 2020 and March 2021, but the timeframe could extend into the winter of 2021-22. For progress updates, please visit the Updates section of this website.

what will happen to  the area post-harvesting?

Millar Western is committed to sustainable forest management and will conduct all operations in compliance with Alberta’s Operating Ground Rules. Within two years of harvesting, we will begin renewal activities and ensure restoration of healthy forests, employing a combination of planting and natural regeneration.  The young forest will be monitored to ensure it meets the Alberta government‘s regeneration standards.

why was millar western granted this ctp?

The timber volumes associated with this permit will help Millar Western to address a fibre shortfall, so it can maintain operations and sustain hundreds of jobs at a time of significant economic uncertainty in the province.

how will the area benefit from the ctp?

As well as helping to sustain our mills and the regional jobs they generate, the CTP will enable active forest management, which will reduce ageing pine stands susceptible to disease and insects (e.g., the mountain pine beetle) and make way for new healthy forests.  It will also remove fuel load in mature and over-mature forests to mitigate wildfire risks.

why isn’t the company holding open houses in the area?

Due to Covid-19, Millar Western is unable to hold in-person open houses to share its operating plan.  Instead, we have set up this virtual open house as a means to provide information on our operating plans to the public.  Interested stakeholders are invited to review the information and direct any questions or comments to Millar Western representatives.

how are stakeholders being notified of the Nojack ctp consultation opportunity?

Millar Western is working with the Alberta government to identify interested stakeholders, including participants in the local Coniferous Community Timber Permit program, adjacent residents, community leadership, trappers, and guiders and outfitters.  In addition to sending packages to those directly affected, Millar Western will share details of the Nojack CTP with its Public Advisory Committee and promote awareness of the virtual open house through advertisements in local media. It is also notifying affected Indigenous communities, and following Alberta government consultation guidelines.