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Investments of more than $30 million will modernize and strengthen our Whitecourt operations

Over the course of 2019, Millar Western will be completing capital projects at our Whitecourt mill site with a combined value of more than $30 million.  These investments will modernize our operations, enhance our competitiveness, and help to secure the 1,700 direct and indirect jobs we generate in the region.  The projects extend across the lumber, pulp, log handling, and bioenergy areas of our business:

As well as securing existing jobs and economic activity, these projects will create new temporary employment during their construction phases and generate economic spinoffs for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, fuel suppliers, and retail outlets.  These investments reflect Millar Western’s strong confidence in the future of our Whitecourt operations and in the sustainable forest industry.

While these projects are underway, area residents may notice more trucks on area roads due to delivery of equipment and materials such as aggregate.  We will also be operating a summer log-haul program, transporting logs from satellite yards to our Whitecourt site to keep our mills running during crane work. 

Safety is a core value at Millar Western, and we will work closely with our suppliers and contractors to ensure safe and courteous vehicle operation.  We will also be working to coordinate log, material and equipment deliveries to our mill site in a way that reduces roadway congestion as much as possible.  If you see any concerns, please contact us at 780-778-2221 or

We also ask your care and patience around trucks hauling big loads: be sure to give them plenty of room, especially when they’re turning, and stay in the driver’s line of sight. Working together, we can make sure everyone stays safe.