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Follow our progress, as we develop our 2017-2027 DFMP 

Every 10 years, forest companies holding Forest Management Agreements (FMAs) with the Alberta government are required to develop a Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP) — a long-term strategic plan that describes how forests in the FMA area will be managed in accordance with the environmental, economic and social pillars of sustainable development.  The plan and the accompanying Operational Ground Rules, developed after plan approval, specify company obligations, including how many trees can be harvested, harvest locations, forest renewal strategies and reporting requirements over the plan period.

Developing a DFMP is a complex undertaking, normally taking about three years, though advance work, such as vegetation inventories, can start much earlier.  The process involves government, professional foresters, other forest companies and industries operating on the land base, First Nations and a host of additional stakeholders, from recreational users and trappers to municipalities.  In fact, consultation and collaboration are key to developing plans that achieve an integrated approach to land management, one that identifies and accommodates a variety of forest values.

To ensure they reflect local concerns, DFMPs are developed with the input of government, other forest companies and industries, First Nations and a broad range of stakeholders

Our goal is to maintain a healthy, multifaceted forest that continues to preserve a range of values, from jobs to habitat, not just for today but for future generations,” says  Bob Mason

If you are interested in getting involved in planning our forests for the future, send your contact information to, and we will advise you of upcoming consultation opportunities.  You can also provide your input to the Chair of the Plan Development Team:

Bob Mason
Chief Forester
Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
Phone:  780-486-8241


2017-2027 DFMP – Virtual Open House

We will be holding open houses in communities throughout our operating region, to gather stakeholder input into the development of our long-term strategic plan. Can’t make our open houses?  No problem.  All DFMP-related communication and consultation materials are available here, in our Virtual Open House — check often for updates.  Send any questions or comments to  Please provide your name, contact information, affiliation (forest industry, other industry (identify), trapper, recreational user, non-profit association (identify), public, etc.), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Spatial Harvest Sequence Map – W11, November 2
Spatial Harvest Sequence Map – W11 (Main), November 2
Spatial Harvest Sequence Map – W13, Virginia Hills, November 2
Presentation – Preferred Forest Management Scenario, October 17
Advertisement – Open house on Preferred Forest Management Scenario, October 5
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Brochure – What’s happening in your forest?
News Release – Whitecourt trade fair offers you a chance to weigh in on timber harvesting areas for 2017-2027
Advertisement – Whitecourt trade fair, May 6 to 8
DFMP Progress Report-Issue 2 Mar 2016

DFMP Terms of Reference
2015 DFMP-AOP Open House Ad 
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2015 DFMP Open House Presentation
DFMP Progress Report-Issue 1 Oct 2015